Things To Consider

Your doors will be manufactured individually for you. Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the requirements.

If you have any questions, let us know: we’re happy to talk you through the process.


Wall Cupboards

Make sure that the top 160mm/16cm of your cupboard is at least 300mm/30cm deep. Check that any internal fixings don’t occupy this space.

Is there 150mm/15cm of free vertical space at the top of the wall cupboard? This is the space necessary to house the cassette.

Corner cupboards

Make sure you have at least 22mm clearance as shown. If there is less, there won’t be enough space for 2 sets of tracking to fit next to each other.

Floor Cupboards

These have a mid-bar or handle in the middle of the door so you can open it without having to reach down to the floor.

Full-length Cupboards

For full-length cupboards (more than 1500mm/150cm high), you will need our exclusive patented double-opening door. The upper and lower doors open in unison from the middle of the cupboard. See graphic. The maximum height of the double door is 3000mm/300cm.